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The people of Bangladesh used to drink surface water. The surface water always carries much bacteria which can cause life-threatening diseases. Since independence in 1971, many tube wells were installed to improve the quality of the drinking water. Compared to the surface water, the groundwater was much cleaner and caused less diseases. Nowadays, most area of Bangladesh uses tap water as drinking water, which is much safer than the groundwater. By 2013, 87% of Bangladeshis drink from improved sources of water, but the reality for those living in coastal areas is quite different. People who lives in the coastal areas of Bangladesh is still using the tube wells to get drinking water.


  • Modify salinity meters to record and store the data of salinity water.
  • Develop android APP which can transfer data from salinity meter to moblie phone by bluetooth.
  • Develop online database which can show our achievements and provide data download.
  • A documentary on business and technology for social purpose; A video report, describing specific problems to be solved.


We will work with practitioners of sustainable development such as governmental and nongovernmental organizations and social businesses in Bangladesh. There are seven main partners and we have specific objectives for each partner.

International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh(ICDDR,B) has been carrying out high-quality research and promoting the uptake of evidence-based interventions for more than 50 years. It hopes a world in which more people survive and enjoy healthy lives and aims to solve public health problems through innovative scientific research.

Download to see our objectives:International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh

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The University of Dhaka, also known as Dhaka University or simply DU, is the oldest university in modern Bangladesh. The university is ranked number one on the Bangladesh University Ranking 2017.Established in 1921 during the British Raj, it has made significant contributions to the modern history of Bangladesh. After the Partition of India, it became the focal point of progressive and democratic movements in Pakistan. Its students and teachers played a central role in the rise of Bengali nationalism and the independence of Bangladesh.

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Meet Our Team

Kwee-Yan Teh

Assoc. Teaching Professor, UM-SJTU Joint Institute

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Chen Jiaxi

Mechanical Engineering

Team Leader, Reimbursement, Salinity Meter Modification

Chen Yihao

Mechanical Engineering

Salinity Meter Modification

Dai Xuan

Mechanical Engineering

Salinity Meter Modification

Liu Taiqi

Electrical Engineering

Website Building

Shen Yeqin

Electrical Engineering

Android APP Development

Members who are not in the field trip while still have great contributions

Name Majors
Andy Hsiao Electrical Engineering

Regular Meetings


Both Field Trip and non-Field Trip join together in weekly meetings for training and preparation from November 2019. We will continue to meet after our field trip to prepare for the reports, proposals and documentary film

Data of Salinity

Data visualization: Newest Data

Download the data: Download